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We are not accepting any more orders for the weekend of Decdember 5th.

The Winter Farmers Market has begun! We will continue to sell our delicious goodies at the market every Saturday from 9am to 1pm in the Dillard's Parking lot at 3rd Street and Leavenworth. 


-The Ladies of Little Batch Company

Meet The Ladies

Hannah Pease was raised in Manhattan, Kansas and is a Manhatanite through and through. She started her culinary career at 16 years old right here in the Little Apple. She has worked in almost all areas of restaurants. She has worked in kitchens as a pastry cook, as a hostess, and a server. Realizing she had a passion for pastry she decided it was time to take her culinary education to the next level by studying at the French Pasty School in Chicago. After graduating in June of 2015, and eager to get back into the kitchen, she moved to Charleston, SC. She wanted to get some real life experience in the pastry industry, and what better place to do it than in a town exploding with talent? During her time in Charleston she worked at two highly rated restaurants, Husk and the Charleston Grill. In 2018, along with her mother (featured below), she decided it was time to move back to the community that raised her. She wishes to share her knowledge, passion, and of course beautifully crafted dishes and pastries, to as many people as she can!

For as long as I can remember I have been in a kitchen. Whether it was eating dinner, watching my mother cook, watching my dad cook crazy things on the weekend, watching and helping both grandmothers make holiday meals year after year, or having a go of it myself. I have always felt at home there. Mostly because that's where the food is, but also because the kitchen is always the place where friends and family seem to gather. 

Little Batch Company came about because my mom and I can't imagine a life without cooking and baking for friends and family. Food magically brings everyone together and there is nothing quite as satisfying and as joyful as creating something so delicious that everyone wants to come over. Family is made in the kitchen and around the table, and we want to share that with everyone. 

        Phyllis Pease is a local artist, Kansas State University Alum, and mother of three. The oldest of which has recently convinced her to start this little company. Phyllis has always had a passion for entertaining. Over the years she and her family have been responsible for some of the most talked about parties and dinners around town. A chef in her own right, she has been cooking and baking for many years. As her children are all grown up, kind of, and out of the house, well kind of, she realized that she missed cooking for big crowds. So why not turn it in to a business? She is still first and foremost a brilliant artist, in fact, you can see her work in many restaurants around town, but a passion for cooking isn't something she could ignore. She is unbelievably excited to have the opportunity to show the community another brilliant side of her, and the fact it involves one of her passions, is just icing on the cake!

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