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Croissant Dough

So, you want to be a baker?!

We are currently searching for dedicated hard-working people interested in the world of baking! We are also hiring for all positions at our new Restaurant Parkside Station. 

Please visit our postings on Indeed to submit your application and resume. Just search for Little Batch Company or Parkside Station.

We are currently hiring for:

Bakers- Little Batch Company

Lead Cake Designer (experience required)- Little Batch Company

Barista Cashiers- Parkside Station

Assistant Manager (experience required)- Parkside Station

Barista Shift Leader (experience required)- Parkside Station

Bar Manager (experience required)- Parkside Station

Bartenders- Parkside Station

Sour Chef (experience required)- Parkside Station

Line Cooks- Parkside Station

Dish Washers/Prep Cooks- Parkside Station

Servers- Parkside Station

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